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1 year of bp pulse included with your new MINI vehicle1



Charge your electrified MINI easily on one of the largest charging networks with just one charging card/app. Additional subscription packages offering reduced rates from bp pulse and IONITY Plus are optionally available. MINI new vehicle customers enjoy one year bp pulse package without subscription fee.


Base fee

0.00 GBP/month


Prices may vary depending on the operator of the charging station. Please check the valid prices in the MINI Charging app before you start charging.


0.69 GBP/kWh



11.30 GBP/month
0.26 GBP/kWh*

For the duration of 12 months you will receive discounted rates at all IONITY charging points.

* Charging prices in other countries may vary and are determined by the prices valid at the time of charging, which you can see in the app.

bp pulse

7.85 GBP/month

Charge at best value charging tariffs on the bp pulse network for just 7.85 GBP/month.

  • - 7 kW AC charging: 0.16 GBP/kWh
  • - 43 kW AC / 50 kW DC charging: 0.23 GBP/kWh + 10.00 GBP / hour after 90 mins
  • - 120kW and above DC charging: 0.27 GBP/kWh + 10.00 GBP / hour after 90 mins

You can book the bp pulse subscription after your registration in the contract dashboard. For more information about the bp pulse subscription and network please click here.

*Pricelist and product information sheet Download



All prices include VAT

1 Customers who have purchased a new fully electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle through a MINI Retailer and whose vehicle handover takes place on or after 01. April 2021 will receive the "bp pulse" package for one year without subscription fee if they have registered for the Flex tariff.

This promotional offer is valid once for a specific vehicle and cannot be transferred to other vehicles or owners. After the subscription fee exemption expires, the regular Flex Tariff conditions will be applied. This promotional offer applies to the package subscription fee only, useage costs remain the responsibility of the customer. This promotional offer does not apply to used vehicles.